Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Crack + License key Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Crack + License key Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 reminded me of how good Konami football games are, and why I’ve been playing FIFA for years. The slow pace requires precision, patience and intentional play, and gathering 10 assists that end in a ball from the edge of the box is a better feeling than anything you find in FIFA. But the lack of artificial intelligence and intermittent Internet connectivity have given me more headaches than the great moments it deserves.

It hasn’t changed much since last year. There are no new modes or new controls to change the game to master. You still play, in general, with unlicensed teams, so expect to see Man Blue against West London White. Some leagues, including the Scottish Premier League, are fully licensed, along with exotic teams such as Barcelona and Liverpool, and you can always download a file of options to get the right kits and badges for unlicensed teams. It never bothered me, especially since I spend most of my time in the Master League, where a team of nobody wears makeup to the top.


  • Although there are no revolutions here, there are minor improvements in this area, starting with animation.
  • Not only the traffic and the shots seem more realistic than ever: in the first hours I regularly established immediate repetitions for players with problems after they tripped, or the goalkeeper tried to pick up a dropped ball, seeing dread.
  • The physics of the ball is also improved.
  • In FIFA, sometimes it seems that the ball is thrown towards the player’s foot, and here it bounces, pushes, jumps on the wet surface and turns incorrectly after hitting.
  • If you want a good touch for the first time, you should think about both the direction you are turning and where the ball will come from, and you cannot simply pass the ball between the players as you wish, which means moving the disconnected team feels more satisfying than ever.

Getting cross:

  • The dryness of the heads is the first sign that some of the changes that have occurred in the last year are not welcome, and the same applies to artificial intelligence, which is spreading everywhere.
  • In offline mode, the CPU is obsessed with reaching the secondary line, launching a low crossing, burying it for the first time or putting it on another player to connect it to the network. I bet this intersection represented more than half of the goals I approved.
  • By itself, it bothered me, and I want to get more variety, but it got worse due to the labeling of defenders.
  • Konami says the player’s position has improved, but I don’t see it.
  • When I try to avoid an intersection in the wing, the CPU attackers easily eliminate my central back, saving space without any effort.
  • One of the chaos leads to ruin, and the defenders always climb and do not follow the midfielders who extend to the penalty area.

Pros and cons:

  • Multiple online salaries are better, when they work.
  • MyClub is a decent alternative to FIFA Ultimate, and I enjoyed filling my team with star players.
  • You can buy player packages with real money, but I’ve always had enough gold in the game to give me a lot of new talent.
  • I did not experience any delay with online opponents, nor had anyone left a game, which is also a pleasant surprise.
  • I like the new “premium players”, which are compatible versions of players for good performance in real life.
  • It makes MyClub feel current.
  • However, during the last three days, I have not been able to connect to Konami’s servers.
  • The problem seems to be computer specific, and none of the proposed informal solutions have worked (here, here and here).
  • Many other players, judging by the comments in the threads of the Reddit and Steam forums, are in the same boat and are understandably angry.
  • Konami says he is working on the problem, but the speed of the response does not fill me with confidence.
  • If you want to play online, wait until the problem is resolved correctly before considering buying it.

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